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Charlie Davidson Hello, I'm Charlie. Digital project manager, amateur photographer, husband & proud father. From the Highlands of Scotland, I now live and work in Oxfordshire.

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My Latest Photographs

James and Sofa B&W

October 2014 Photography

We had a great trip to Glasgow & Edinburgh in October. It was seeing family, so didn’t get to take many photos out and about. However, I got lots of people photographs. One or two sunset shots as usual too!

Sept Sunset

September 2014 Photography

I’ve still been quiet on the photography front. Work is busy and James keeps us on our toes. I’ve stuck with photographs that come easiest to me – James & sunsets. Hopefully I’ll be a bit quieter in October and can branch out a bit.

Dont drop me

August 2014 Photography

August was a poor month of photography for me. We had lots of visitors and I forgot to get my camera on far too many occasions. I got a couple of nice photographs and am delighted to track James developments.

July Sunset 2014 - Horizontal

July 2014 Photography

A little late but here are the photographs for July, 2014. This month there is some photographs from our company Oxford photoshoot, a couple of sunset shots, and of course more photos of baby James.

James & Boba

June 2014 Photography

Our first child Charles James George Davidson was born at the start of June. As you can imagine, I’ve taken a lot of people/baby photographs this month.

Mid May Sunset

May 2014 Photography

I took a lot of photos in May. We had a trip to Witney, more pregnancy photographs, and LOTS of sunsets. I also got one photo to number 24 on Flickr Explore. A good month for photography!

Sarah Bump - Six

April 2014 Photography

Lots of photos taken this month. We had a good trip to London and after a sleepless night got some nice photographs of the Thames at 6am. Also got some nice photographs of Sarah at 8 months pregnant.


March 2014 Photography

Here is the photos I took in March 2014. It was an exceptionally warm in March in Oxfordshire and almost all these photos were taken on one sunny afternoon. I also got a new 40mm lens for my birthday which is a lot of fun.

Bicester Town

February 2014 Photography

Here is the photos I took in February 2014. It was quite month for us as Sarah is now 6 months pregnant. I still managed to get a couple of shots from around Bicester.

Fire & Silihoute

January 2014 Photography

So another year is upon us. It’s big one for us as we expect our first child in the summer. This year I have a new Canon EOS 700D camera and am trying out Apple Aperture photo editing software. Here are the first results.

My Travelling

Latest from the blog

Charlie & Douglas - Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder, Midlands 2014

I signed up for Tough Mudder in the summer of 2013. I was fit, swimming daily, running, and eating healthily. A couple of weeks before the event I realised I was in trouble.

Image Credit (Creative Commons) - https://www.flickr.com/photos/garrettc/8453793631/

Anna Dahlström: Storytelling in design

I went to my first UX Oxford this week. It’s a popular digital event in Oxfordshire and has been going for around a year or so. As you’d imagine, it’s all about User Experience (UX). This months speaker was Anna Dahlström.


Setting up Modding in Democracy 3

The latest game in the Democracy series was released last month. Democracy 3 is similar to its predecessors but with a more modern interface design and focusses on modern countries – instead of the hypothetical countries of Democracy 2. Democracy 3 also continues to allow modding in the game. Modding allows gamers to add to […]


Installing and Playing Games on DOSbox

Like most geeky guys in their twenties, I was a big fan of DOS games growing up. Games such as Doom2, Commander Keen and Transport Tycoon were simply fantastic and highly addictive. A couple of years ago I decided to start playing these games again and, after a little of bit of research, found DOSbox.


Championship Manager Free 01 02 Download

I’m a big fan of Champ Man games. The most popular of these is Championship Manager 01 02. Here I describe how to get a free copy of Champ Man 01 02 quickly and legally.