March 2014 Photography


Here is the photos I took in March 2014. It was an exceptionally warm in March in Oxfordshire and almost all these photos were taken on one sunny afternoon. I also got a new 40mm lens for my birthday which is a lot of fun.

January 2014 Photography

Fire & Silihoute

So another year is upon us. It’s big one for us as we expect our first child in the summer. This year I have a new Canon EOS 700D camera and am trying out Apple Aperture photo editing software. Here are the first results.

The Ultimate Zombie Base Guide


Surviving a zombie attack takes a lot of planning, luck, and skill. You need to ensure you’ve selected a great zombie base and then reinforce it. A zombie apocalypse can also take a very long time and  supplies are important too. A zombie base or hideout is a safe location. It can be built by humans or by nature and protects apocalypse survivors […]

My First Thoughts on Google Plus


Today Giles Thurston very kindly passed me a Google Plus invite. I’ve been excited about Google Plus since its announcement, so this was great news! It’s obviously still in it’s infancy but I want to list my initial thoughts on Google Plus, what I like about it, and what I’m still to be convinced on. […]

Setting up Amazon Associates on your WordPress website


I recently setup Amazon Associates on to my website. Amazon Associates allows you to advertise Amazon products on your website. What’s cool is when a website visitor clicks on this link, whatever products they buy following this, you get a percentage of – normally between 5% to 9%. For the benefits of Amazon Associates, Darren Rowse wrote […]