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Charlie Davidson Hello, I'm Charlie. Digital project manager, amateur photographer, husband & proud father. From the Highlands of Scotland, I now live and work in Oxfordshire.

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My Latest Photographs

Dont drop me

August 2014 Photography

August was a poor month of photography for me. We had lots of visitors and I forgot to get my camera on far too many occasions. I got a couple of nice photographs and am delighted to track James developments.

July Sunset 2014 - Horizontal

July 2014 Photography

A little late but here are the photographs for July, 2014. This month there is some photographs from our company Oxford photoshoot, a couple of sunset shots, and of course more photos of baby James.

James & Boba

June 2014 Photography

Our first child Charles James George Davidson was born at the start of June. As you can imagine, I’ve taken a lot of people/baby photographs this month.

Mid May Sunset

May 2014 Photography

I took a lot of photos in May. We had a trip to Witney, more pregnancy photographs, and LOTS of sunsets. I also got one photo to number 24 on Flickr Explore. A good month for photography!

Sarah Bump - Six

April 2014 Photography

Lots of photos taken this month. We had a good trip to London and after a sleepless night got some nice photographs of the Thames at 6am. Also got some nice photographs of Sarah at 8 months pregnant.


March 2014 Photography

Here is the photos I took in March 2014. It was an exceptionally warm in March in Oxfordshire and almost all these photos were taken on one sunny afternoon. I also got a new 40mm lens for my birthday which is a lot of fun.

Bicester Town

February 2014 Photography

Here is the photos I took in February 2014. It was quite month for us as Sarah is now 6 months pregnant. I still managed to get a couple of shots from around Bicester.

Fire & Silihoute

January 2014 Photography

So another year is upon us. It’s big one for us as we expect our first child in the summer. This year I have a new Canon EOS 700D camera and am trying out Apple Aperture photo editing software. Here are the first results.

Latest from the blog

Charlie & Douglas - Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder, Midlands 2014

I signed up for Tough Mudder in the summer of 2013. I was fit, swimming daily, running, and eating healthily. A couple of weeks before the event I realised I was in trouble.

Image Credit (Creative Commons) - https://www.flickr.com/photos/garrettc/8453793631/

Anna Dahlström: Storytelling in design

I went to my first UX Oxford this week. It’s a popular digital event in Oxfordshire and has been going for around a year or so. As you’d imagine, it’s all about User Experience (UX). This months speaker was Anna Dahlström.



Setting up Modding in Democracy 3

The latest game in the Democracy series was released last month. Democracy 3 is similar to its predecessors but with a more modern interface design and focusses on modern countries – instead of the hypothetical countries of Democracy 2. Democracy 3 also continues to allow modding in the game. Modding allows gamers to add to […]


Installing and Playing Games on DOSbox

Like most geeky guys in their twenties, I was a big fan of DOS games growing up. Games such as Doom2, Commander Keen and Transport Tycoon were simply fantastic and highly addictive. A couple of years ago I decided to start playing these games again and, after a little of bit of research, found DOSbox.


Championship Manager Free 01 02 Download

I’m a big fan of Champ Man games. The most popular of these is Championship Manager 01 02. Here I describe how to get a free copy of Champ Man 01 02 quickly and legally.


First Thoughts on Google Plus

Today Giles Thurston very kindly passed me a Google Plus invite. I’ve been excited about Google Plus since its announcement, so this was great news! It’s obviously still in it’s infancy but I want to list my initial thoughts on Google Plus, what I like about it, and what I’m still to be convinced on. […]